How to see active SQL queries and open connections in PostgreSQL/HAWQ

Login to the PostgreSQL command-line interface psql -U [username] [database_name] 2. Run the following query: SELECT datname,usename,procpid,client_addr,waiting,query_start,current_query FROM pg_stat_activity;  


HAWQ logs

Following post will assist you to locate the logs which are required while troubleshooting a HAWQ related analysis. Let's quickly list out the different logs available which are very helpful for troubleshooting. There are primarily 5 logs available: 1. HAWQ Master Logs - Entry to the HAWQ database users from client perspective is via the HAWQ … Continue reading HAWQ logs

MADLib installation and integration with HAWQ

Make sure that you have completed the following tasks before running the installation script: Make sure you have rpm, gpssh and gpscp in your PATH. Make sure that you have HAWQ binaries installed properly on all master and segment nodes in your cluster (also new segment nodes when adding new nodes). Add to your PATH  from Make sure the HOSTFILE lists all the new segment nodes. … Continue reading MADLib installation and integration with HAWQ

HAWQ basics

  #su - gpadmin HAWQ master directory #echo  $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY #source /usr/local/hawq-   To see all  segment details execute psql template1 -c "SELECT address, port, role, fse.* FROM gp_segment_configuration, pg_filespace_entry fse WHERE dbid = fse.fsedbid --AND content in (5, 15, 16) --AND fse.fsefsoid = 3052 ORDER BY content, role DESC"   Starting HAWQ Start an initialized … Continue reading HAWQ basics