Integrating Linux With Active Directory

This works for both Server 2008(R2) and 2012.From the Linux side, it should be fine with RHEL 6 and similar (CentOS and Scientific Linux).         Integration with AD requires the installation of a few services in Red Hat, along with some minor modifications on the Windows Domain Controllers. On the Linux side, … Continue reading Integrating Linux With Active Directory


Active Directory – How to know the Base DN and Bind DN of a user

Following steps can be used to know the Base DN and Bind DN of a user Open the command prompt  on winodws2003 AD server and type”dsquery user” C:\>dsquery user “CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=Guest,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=SUPPORT_388945a0,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=krbtgt,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=root,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=IUSR_WICHEU-TOL55S55,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=IWAM_WICHEU-TOL55S55,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” “CN=vdi1,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com” For a specific user, you can type ”dsquery user -name xxx*” C:\>dsquery user -name vd* “CN=vdi1,CN=Users,DC=wad,DC=com”