Enabling the Oozie Web Console

While accessing oozie console it show the below error ========== Oozie web console is disabled. To enable oozie web console install the Ext JS library ========= Follow the steps below to solve this in cloudera distribution   Download ext-2.2.zip ¬†from https://archive.cloudera.com/gplextras/misc/ext-2.2.zip and Extract the contents of the file to /var/lib/oozie/ on the same host as … Continue reading Enabling the Oozie Web Console


Migrate oozie from derby to mysql

Install and make the mysql service up. #/etc/init.d/mysqld status 2. Stop oozie #/etc/init.d/oozie stop 3. Take a backup of the derby database using the tool JdbcTool (http://quuxo.com/products/jdbctool/) Download the tool from the site and decompress it. #tar xvf jdbctool-1.0.tar #cd jdbctool-1.0/bin/ 4. Connect to derby database using the default username SA #./jdbctool -u sa jdbc:derby:/var/lib/gphd/oozie/oozie-db/ … Continue reading Migrate oozie from derby to mysql