Enabling the Oozie Web Console

While accessing oozie console it show the below error ========== Oozie web console is disabled. To enable oozie web console install the Ext JS library ========= Follow the steps below to solve this in cloudera distribution   Download ext-2.2.zip ¬†from https://archive.cloudera.com/gplextras/misc/ext-2.2.zip and Extract the contents of the file to /var/lib/oozie/ on the same host as … Continue reading Enabling the Oozie Web Console


OOZIE -Sample workflow creation with multiple actions

Requirement:- To create an oozie workflow with 4 actions. Actions in this workflow Pig action Shell action Pig action A mapreduce action STEP1:Created 2 simple pig scripts as below A = LOAD '/user/anoopk/input1/input_an_ri.txt'; STORE A INTO 'out2'; A = LOAD '/user/anoopk/sites.txt'; STORE A INTO 'out3'; Loaded hadoop-mapreduce-examples.jar to the HDFS folder Workflow/mr/lib/hadoop-mapreduce-examples.jar The above script … Continue reading OOZIE -Sample workflow creation with multiple actions