Steps to use security enabled kafka

Steps to use kerberos security enabled kafka are below.   Set Inter Broker Protocol SASL_PLAINTEXT in Cloudera manager Create a jaas.conf file with the following contents to use with cached Kerberos credentials For kinit KafkaClient { required useTicketCache=true; }; For keytab   KafkaClient { required useKeyTab=true keyTab="/etc/security/keytabs/username.keytab" principal="username@realm"; }; In the above jaas.conf file the user's … Continue reading Steps to use security enabled kafka


Kafka cluster setup

Install  kafka. Both CDH and  HDP contains kafka packages. Configure kafka. Following values should be set and the file is - Id of the broker i.e. an integer. Each broker in a cluster needs to have a unique id. log.dirs - Directory where you want Kafka to commit its message. Not to be … Continue reading Kafka cluster setup