Enable Json support in cpanel server

pecl install json You may face issues while executing the above command if /tmp and  /var mounted in nonexec. So remount them using the following commands. mount -v -o remount,exec /tmp mount -v -o remount,exec /var/tmp Note down the path of json.so and check with php -m  or with phpinfo() page. Remember to restart Apache.


Installation of RubyonRails in cPanel/WHM servers

The installation of Ruby on Rails in cPanel has two parts, first is installing Ruby itself, which can be accomplished by running /scripts/installruby. This script will install Ruby, RubyGems, Mongrel and the software that Ruby relies upon and activates the Ruby interface in your end user's cPanel. The second step in the installation is running … Continue reading Installation of RubyonRails in cPanel/WHM servers