Kerberos commands usage

Enter the kadmin console


Adding Principal to a Keytab File

kadmin.local : ktadd -k /etc/krb5/anoop.keytab sherlock

Removing a principal from keytab

kadmin.local : ktremove host/

Adding principal

addprinc -randkey $primary_name/$

To list all of the entries in the etc/krb5/my_keytab key table with timestamps, type:

klist -t -k etc/krb5/my_keytab
Create the hdfs keytab file, which contains an entry for the hdfs principal.
$ kadmin
kadmin: xst -k hdfs-unmerged.keytab hdfs/

To obtain tickets using hdfs principal using the keytab:
$ kinit -k -t hdfs.keytab hdfs/


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