GemfireXD installation and configuration

Download the RPM corresponding to the OS.

Install it on the needed nodes including data nodes and client nodes .

rpm -ivh pivotal-gemfirexd-1.3.0-48613.el6.noarch.rpm

in the locator server create a directory.

$ mkdir /opt/pivotal/gemfirexd/locator1

In the GemFireXD member create a directory

$mkdir /opt/pivotal/gemfirexd/server1

Start locator service

gfxd locator start -dir=/opt/pivotal/gemfirexd/locator1 -client-port=1527

Start member service in each server

gfxd server start -dir=/opt/pivotal/gemfirexd/server1 -client-port=1528 -locators=locatorserver[10334]

Test connection

gfxd>connect client 'locatorserver:1527';
gfxd>select id from sys.members;





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