HAWQ basics


#su – gpadmin

HAWQ master directory


#source /usr/local/hawq-


To see all  segment details execute

psql template1 -c “SELECT address, port, role, fse.* FROM gp_segment_configuration, pg_filespace_entry fse WHERE dbid = fse.fsedbid –AND content in (5, 15, 16) –AND fse.fsefsoid = 3052 ORDER BY content, role DESC”


Starting HAWQ

Start an initialized HAWQ system by running


Restarting HAWQ

$gpstart -r

Reload changes to HAWQ configuration files without interrupting the system.

$gpstop -u

Starting the Master in Maintenance Mode

  1. Run gpstart using the -m option:
    $ gpstart -m
  2. Connect to the master in maintenance mode to do catalog maintenance. For example:
    $ PGOPTIONS='-c gp_session_role=utility' psql template1
  3. After completing your administrative tasks, stop the master in utility mode. Then, restart it in production mode.
$gpstop -mr

Stopping HAWQ


To stop HAWQ in fast mode:

$ gpstop -M fast



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